Summer Inspirations | 1/28/2013

As the snow falls in the northeast and, the roads freeze over as night falls, I am dreaming of summer. And apparently, so are many of my clients. Now that the New Year confetti has been swept away, and the suitcases unpacked from various christmas vacations, thoughts of summer plans set in. Putting in the pool you have always dreamt of, sprucing up the beach house before an endless parade of visitors are upon your doorstep, and swapping those dark, cozy pillows for lightweight pops of color. My clients are on their way to making both big and small changes in preparation for June and beyond. So what's your summer plan? How will you transform when the earth softens and temperatures rise?  Take a peek at this beach house  kitchen I transformed last summer and be inspired. How will your decor interpret summer?

Bathroom Savvy | 7/29/2012

Lately, I find myself working on a larger number of bathroom designs.  Bathroom are often fun to work on but can pose challenges.  To begin, I try to assess the general style and function that a client is hoping to achieve. Here we flesh out how much storage they wish to have, durability, and importance of lighting in addition to many other key points. When shopping for tile, remember to choose one decorative tile design to accent the main or "field" tile in the space. This accent can have texture, color, or scale differences in contrast to your field tile. Hardware can become a statement piece or sheer simplicity as to not to distract from an intricate tile design. Ask yourself if you need functional or "task" lighting for make up application or simply mood lighting. Do your research and compile your wish list for a brilliant bathroom and always remember to have patience. 

Design basics | 5/15/2012

There are some design basics which you can incorporate within your own home to add a designer touch. Here are 5 quick fixes to make your home look more custom.

1. NO SETS! I know it's tempting to buy a set that all matches, but DO NOT!  It can be scary to mix and match, but it's a great way to add creativity.

2. Mimic Nature.  Without a designer to guide you through color and finish choices try to play it  a bit safe. In nature, The earth is darkest color, and the sky the lightest typically. Try to recreate this gradation of color within your space. 

3.Repetition of shape. This can help coordinate your space with a common theme. Don't overdo it, but think about a bookcase for example. Typically the shelves are rectangular as are the books.  

4.Color coordination. your color selection from room to room should have some commonality. Tone, hue, or accent color. If you have a red library and your next room is canary yellow try to bring accents of the yellow into the red room and red into the yellow room. Also adding a neutral that will be represented in both rooms is often another great way to have some continuity between your spaces.

5.Pop it. Often I see spaces where the tones of the colors are all the same value, the accents are all the same style, and theme. pop your space with a brighter, or darker color than the rest of the room. Add a funky chair that will stand out in style and shape yet matches the color in your space.


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