Building your design style | 3/31/2012

People often think hiring an interior designer,  will auomatically allow their dream room cometo life. Well, it's not always that simple. A great way to establish your own personal design sense is to create your own design library. Simply tear out any inspirationally photographs from magazines, or print out designs that appeal to you from the internet. It can be an entire room, a piece of furniture, a piece of art, or even a photograph of a foreign city or artifact. Compose a simple folder, or if your project consists of several rooms, organize by room and after a bit you will begin to see some common themes occur in your choices. This is a great way to become familiar with your own sense of style if you cannot convey it in words. When you find the right interior designer, you can easily explain what you are hoping to achieve through your collected photographs. Maybe you will even learn something about your personal style that you hadn't realized. It's a fun exercise and will ultimately help you achieve you design goals.

Spring Cleaning | 3/12/2012

March may seem early, but it appears spring may have sprung...not that anyone is complaining! Spring cleaning often brings to mind, purging that college sweatshirt from 20 years ago, and finally making some space in your closet for some new duds. But this spring what's on my mind is in the pantry. In an effort to keep a healthy lifestyle, I recently became obsessed with making my pantry perfectly organized. Several trips to the container store provided me with sleek containers for all my dry goods. I said good bye to all those colorful boxes, and hello to clear, uniform containers.  The advantages have proved more than just space,organization and a beautiful pantry.  My children can now see what they would like to eat, and in addition they are not associating what they like with any packaging. They are much more open to trying  that healthier cereal and other snacks when they do not see the colorful carton. So, for this Spring, turn your attention to the pantry, or broom closet, or area other than your bedroom closets. There's always next spring for that.......

Personalizing Your Space | 2/6/2012

Recently, a client inquired about how to put her signature touch on a space I created for her and her family. We discussed the most obvious of ways, which were family photos in unique frames, or a gallery wall with meaningful photos, but my client was eager to dig deeper, and find less overt ways of customizing her rooms. Small tokens from travels or special places you frequent can create this feeling. We found a collection of shells her children had been working on for years. We purchased a stunning  crystal vase and layered the shells within. In her kitchen we decided to frame her childrens artwork and create a gallery. This went over extremely well with the children. I asked her to sift through items she wished to incorporate in her home and from there we began brainstorming about how we could display them in an unusual way.  We found ourselves framing love letters, filling candy bowls with her family's favorites, and filling bookshelves with only books that held meaning to her and her family. Photographs are wonderful, but see if you too can push the envelope and find items other than photos that will help you feel warm and welcome into your home. 

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